Yet Another Reason I’m Leaving KDP Select

424863_10150565031583912_2046016596_nSo I just got an email from Amazon about the upcoming “KDP Select” payout, and I am disgusted and astonished.  The email details how the KDP select “Global Fund” is to be divvied up among Amazon-exclusive authors, and it completely negates any so-called advantage I would have had.  In spite of my free eBook promos and countdown deals, I won’t be seeing a dime of the “Global Fund”.

Backstory: The Global Fund is the “Kitty” that Amazon puts out, making it available to be divvied up among its KDP Select (IE Kindle-EXCLUSIVE) authors.  The way it’s divvied up, pretty much only the top tier of sellers sees any benefit.

Likewise, they’ve rigged the game even further, making payments out according to regional and not overall sales.  That further jigs it not only in favour of the highest-sellers (As opposed to helping promote us lesser-knowns).

Below, is the letter itself; words fail me further.