Why do I feel As Though Muy Life Is Over

…I’ve just moved into what will probably be – unless my ex-wife has to move for work and bring our kids with her – the last place I will ever live.

I’ve moved here in order to give my sister, who devoted her life to taking care of our parents, a place to live, and hopefully discover herself and thrive.

But yet I feel, having moved into this flat, that I likely won’t be leaving here unless it’s for a palliative care/rest home/my own funeral.

My friends have either long-since turned their backs on me or been driven away by the kind of bastard I am.

My own ex-wife, the mother of our unbelievably wonderfully incredible children, can’t even bear to be in the same room as me.

I only see m ykidsz on the weekends…if at all..

that’s not my choice, that’s the court’s.


And, at long last, my life is coming to a close.

Though it still might be years away, I feel as though I’m at the end of living.

The final level.

The one we do all the side-quests on, because we just figured out that we’re facing the Final Boss.

I’m in the final chapter of my life, and despite all the people who are in this chapter with me, I feel utterly alone.

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