White Privilege is Real

White Privilege is Real
A Poem by Steve Karmazenuk…6






White Privilege means knowing when I’m stopped

By a cop that I won’t get shot even if I am mouthing off

That if I wind up in cuffs the worst I’ll get is a DUI not be another DOA

White Privilege is real.

White Privilege means when I walk in a store, I

Know the clerks won’t follow me with suspicious eyes

As I browse for my prize that I’m paying for just like you.

But the colour of my skin is different than yours and

That means something different to them, so

I’ll tell you again

Because I’m ashamed.

White Privilege is real.

White Privilege means I’ll get seen differently

In a job interview submitting my candidacy

Even if it’s a Black Woman interviewing me

I’ll be seen more favorably

Than a Black Man more qualified than me

Don’t tell me it isn’t I know that it is

I don’t care how you feel it’s a shit fucking deal

I’m free to complain but my Black brothers are not

You better believe

White Privilege is real.