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Planet Earth from space. Elements of this image furnished by NASA


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  1. Hi Steve,

    My name is Chris I am from Liverpool in England.
    I have never written to anyone as a fan in my 37 years but having been brought up on a healthy Arthur C Clarke and Olaf Stapledon diet of Sci Fi, I wanted to thank you for your unparalled contribution to the genre and the sheer pleasure you have given to my Dad and I.

    My Old fella and me always shit chat about being short changed by half arsed writers who don’t have the balls or vision to deliver on their concept. Your omniverse series, similarly to the city and the stars and the first and last men (two of our all time favourites) allows the reader to feel satisfied in actually receiving some fucking answers!

    I am delighted to hear there will be two more books. If i dont find out what happens with the nimbus before life and work finish me off I’ll die a very unhappy man.

    I am glad your latest novel will tide me over and I can’t wait to read it. Please could you let me know how and when I can get my paws on it?

    Thanks again Steve your books make life that little bit better.

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