Thoughts on Lucid Dreaming…




I know, right?

The last few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with lucid dreaming.  I read up on it, watched a couple of YouTube videos, that stupid episode of Star Trek: Voyager where Token Ethnic Commander Native American Stereotype has lucid dreams which are never mentioned or used as a plot device again for the rest of the series, and, of course, the best available resource on the topic, Inception.

After perusing the lucid dreaming apps available, I realized that my smart phone already possessed everything I needed to set up a lucid dreaming training system, myself.  Ad-Free, without having to give myself access to my Contacts List for no reason.

One of the training exercises is to develop a reality-checking Totem, yes, really, using mnemonic repetition and audio cues, that when triggered allows you to realize you’re dreaming.

So, in the first step every few hours my phone goes off with an atonal alarm that pulls me out of whatever I’m doing, long enough to remember check my “totem”.  I can’t tell you what it is or what I do, because one day you might invade my mind and use the information against me.

The second step is setting an alarm for the middle of the night, when I (should) be asleep, using same sound, at a much lower volume, barely audible, so that I can become aware of it while sleeping.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been getting some results.  After trial and error, where the ringtone was either too low or too loud, I’ve started having more and more vivid dreams, which I subsequently remember.  Keeping notes allows me to recall the dream, and get more into “Dreamstate Thinking” while awake.

The next hurdle is to “hear” the sound of the alarm while dreaming, or, during one of the vivid dreams, and becoming Conscious without waking up.

As you can imagine, that’s the hard part.

But the key to this is the regular mnemonic reality checks.  The other day I was pondering why reality checks worked so well, and that’s when I came up with that funny little meme up above.

But seriously…

Subjective Reality is the only reality any of us will ever experience.  We can only observe the world relative to ourselves, each according to factors seemingly arbitrarily dictated by biology and upbringing.

So, while Objective Reality, the Truth, in other words, remains immutable, our experience of that Truth is completely relative to our perception of it.

Consequently, we can never be sure that we are living in the real world.  So what purpose does a reality check really serve?  Is it to determine whether or not we’re dreaming?  No; it is to determine if we’re AWAKE.  If we are aware of Objective Reality as a physical event, no matter how we observe it, then we are not dreaming.  If we are only aware of Subjective Reality as a physical event, then we know we’re dreaming.

So…even with a totem, even mastering the ability to control your dreams…my question is this: how can you ever be sure that you’re Awake?  What if, in the Dreamstate, your mind recreates Objective Reality enough to fool your Totem?  How would you even know?

Are you awake?

Are you sure?