They Came in Peace: Gamma Read

So, as you may or may not know, given my sporadic updates of late, I’ve been working on editing a standalone “high concept” sci-fi novel; working title, They Came in Peace.


There’s an interesting – if horrifying – backstory behind the inspiration of this one; but that’s a tale for another time.

After seeking out and assembling a team of Beta Readers that were a combination of my own personal Avengers and Sage Teachers who helped me hone the novel into what is perhaps my best work, yet, I realized that it’s still not quite right.

You fans of The Omniverse needn’t worry; my next project will be to write the final two novels of the series back-to-back, and they will only have benefitted from my experience, working on the writing and editing of They Came in Peace.

In the meantime, however, the latter is still bothering me…niggling doubt crawls through my Mind as I ponder the work.  I need it to go through the reading mill again, this time in Gamma Edit.

This time around, as much as I am seeking expert advice for all things technical, I also really want READER advice…and I am opening up the Gamma Edit to you, dear readers.

I want to know what YOU think of the story – because ultimately, you, my audience, matter most in this equation; I wrote this story to exorcize a plague of demons…but I write first for myself, and secondly for my readers.  So, what I’m saying is,

Click on the email link on the blog sidebar; I’ll send you a PDF of They Came in Peace (Gamma Edit), and I’ll score you a free copy of the book, in whatever final format it’s delivered in, when published.