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Netflix – A poem

001TDATS001Hello, Netflix my old friend.
I’ve come to sit with you again.
Because of boredom softly creeping
And my ennui while not sleeping

And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains…
If it’s available on Netflix.

With popcorn bag I watched alone
Walter White and River Song
Beneath the halo of my LCD
I sold my soul for all the TVs

As my eyes dried out while staring at the light
Throughout the night…
While watching Netflix.

In the New Releases I beheld
Yearned-for titles long withheld…
TV series seasons one through thirteen…
Superheroes superheroing…

And that one art-house film everyone must see,
Parts One through Three…
But only Two is on Netflix.

So now you build a VPN…
to bypass local restriction.

To see the shows that might reach you,
And the movies late at night meet you,
And you can fall back on Doctor Who for a spell…

…you might as well.
Because it’s all on Netflix.

And I will quite cheerfully pay
Less than ten bucks for unlimited play
So I can binge-watch until morning
The cunning scheme Heisenberg was forming

And catch up on the very latest from Westeros
From ten feet close…
Because it’s all…

…on Netflix.

2016 SUMMER UPDATE: Superhero Movies SUCK

424863_10150565031583912_2046016596_nSo this week, Avengers: Age of Ultron will hit North American cinemas.  I am looking forward to seeing it So, I finally saw Avengers: Age of Ultron and I was disappointed.  

It is 2016, and I am reposting this, almost without effecting any major changes, simply because superhero/comic book movies over the last 20 years have become ubiquitously repetitive, formulaic, and almost consistently, unimaginatively, interchangeable.

I have enjoyed many – but not nearly all, in fact not even MOST – of the superhero movies that we’ve had over the last decade or so, but honestly it’s getting past the point of oversaturation.  

I really can’t wait for the trend to end, especially with the slate of really terrible DC films about to be shat out.  We all remember far too well how awful Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel was, and I went in with great expectations because other than that movie about the slutty looking teenaged girls in the mental hospital, I’ve loved pretty much every Zack Snyder movie I’ve seen, especially the Watchmen. Continue reading 2016 SUMMER UPDATE: Superhero Movies SUCK

Character Backstory and Why You Need It

424863_10150565031583912_2046016596_nI’m not in the habit of giving writing advice.  But I would like to share with you what I think is an important fact about a story’s characters.

So, a little backstory on this post.  When I was writing what I thought was going to be my masterpiece as an author, but turned out to be an extremely poorly-received disaster that I’ve left up only so it may serve as a warning to others, I would, before writing, literally imagine myself sitting down with the character whose perspective the story was being told from, and listen to them tell me what happened. Continue reading Character Backstory and Why You Need It