So  yes, this will be confessional.

424863_10150565031583912_2046016596_nI wasn’t going to actually write a blahg post tonight, but my idiot asshole upstairs neighbor is blasting his stereo tonight, and the air mattress needs refilling, so instead of sleeping in before going to spend the day with maniac kids happy to see me, I’m forced to stay awake.

So it occurs to me that my first few posts have been both manic and depressive; in terms of tone and content.  I’m sorry if this makes you feel uncomfortable.  I’m a human being first, and everything else comes second.  Except possibly fatherhood…which is a state of being that even as I live it I cannot by any way, shape or form define in terms of language, spoken or written.  Writing is a distant second to both.

So yes, I am here to pimp out my books, but I feel that in order to do this earnestly, I must also use this as a place to speak my heart and mind, both dark and light.  So while I will talk about my writing, and my current body of creative work (Coming soon, by the way, an Ask Me Anything about The Omniverse, and an Ask Me Anything about What I Once Did for a Living), including The Omniverse series, and if by some strange twist in the fabric of spacetime Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind suddenly enters the public consciousness that as well, I will also talk about myself; my thoughts and feelings.

The Giants among writers both Genre and Literary, back before mainstream publishing became the moneymaking closed-circle society that it is, back before the Internet and the democratization of self-publishing, makde every writer into an author succeeding or failing on their own merits, those Giants and mediocre writers alike kept diaries.  Those diaries were eventually made public, giving insight into both the author and the books they’d authored.

It seems logical, therefore, as a self-published eBook author of the new, digital age, to keep my own diary online, and in realtime.  So while I will talk about not only what I’ve worked on and, in order to keep the work being written as guarded as possible, in vague terms talk about what I’m working on now, I will also talk about, perhaps not infrequently, that which is going on in my life, mind, heart, fucking videogames and whatever else winds up in this space behind my eyes that seems to think it’s the center of all reality.

Consider this a gonzo blog; a stream-of-consciousness series of posts from the mind of the writer of The Omniverse, and two forthcoming novels (one of which will be the first of a set of three) that will further expand my existing catalogue of work.  Along with AMA’s and writing / series-related news, I’ll be baring my soul.  Seems like good therapy.  Certainly not for the squeamish, but if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this my way.