So to review…

It’s been a hell of a month and a half; as those of you following me on Twitter (See column on the left) and those of you who read my post of September the Twelfth already know, I was diagnosed by my doctor as having Something Very Bad Wrong With Me.

I’m still waiting to find out what; my FIRST appointment with the specialist is next week, and it’s basically a little tete a tete before scheduling my Go-Pro Spit-Roast Party. It could be anywhere from…well this being fucking Quebec and the healthcare system having been in utter disarray for the last twenty years (Coincidentally ’round the same time that fat French Nazi cunt Pauline Marois was Health Minister) it could be anywhere from one to three months before I get to be the meat in a camera sandwich. With the holidays coming up, let’s push it back to March.

In the meantime I’ve been dealing with working until I’m literally exhausted, almost every day, seeing less of my kids because I don’t have the energy, and getting into a fucking labor dispute at work because they weren’t taking me seriously about how sick I am.

As to my doctor, in spite of repeated pleas, multiple blood tests (including one in which I think the stupid bitch nicked a tendon because I have to wear an elbow brace, now) and missed work and family life, he won’t see his way clear to prescribing me anything, until after I’m examined; never mind the lost income, the loss of quality-of-life and the general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament. Wait…no…that’s someone else.

I’m at the point where I’m thinking about buying over-the-counter diet pills for the stimulant content.

In the meantime, I’ve spent the last month and a half trying to get a handle on everything.  I’ve been reviewing Project TCIP, IE the writing project that I’ve not been able to work on since the doctor gave me the news to begin with.  It’s been a wonderful distraction, removing commas and excess language…therapeutic.  To the point that I’m actually getting some honest-to-fuck writing done, again.

But nothing’s changed; not really.  I’ve just learned to live around it.  And of course I also spend time playing videogames and dreaming up elaborate death scenarios with almost cartoonish levels of improbability.  But then, I’m a writer…gotta keep those juices flowing…