So, I had the Transexuality Talk with my kids, the other day…

At the park the other day, while playing, one of my kids (girl) friends wants her friends to start calling them a boy.  My three kids came to ask me if she was allowed to do that or was it lying?  Here’s pretty much how the conversation went from there:

“Your friend wants to be called ‘He’ because they don’t like being a girl, and want to be a boy.”

Son – “Wait, you can DO that?”

“Yes, with special medicines and operations.”

Eldest Daughter – “Wouldn’t they have some differences in their body organs?”

“Well, yes, to an extent, but they’d rather transform the rest of themselves into the gender they want to be.”

Youngest Daughter: “Who would WANT to be a boy if they were a GIRL?”

“Well, not every girl wants to be a girl, some want to be boys.”

Eldest Daughter – “And some boys want to be girls.”

Son – “How many times can you do it?  Like, it it something you can just TRY?”

“You can do it, but right now medical science pretty much only allows you to do it only once.”

Youngest daughter: “Well then I’m really not interested in trying.”

Then their friend called them back to the game, and they went and played with him the rest of the afternoon.

How can children possibly be expected to deal with such complex issues?😂