Quebec Terrorism Tradition Revived

This headline alone should terrify every non-French, non-white person living in Quebec:




Police investigating after homemade bomb goes off in Senneville mailbox

That’s right…the link so greusome I had to post it twice.

For those ignorant of French Quebec history, back in the bad old days of Canada’s worst domestic terror spree, a group of ethnocentric French nationalists formed a terrorist group known as the FLQ used the tactic of mailbox bombing, among several others, to terrorize the non-French, English-speaking and non-White people of Quebec.

These swine, among other things, bombed the Montreal Stock Exchange, dynamited mailboxes with any name that wasn’t French in origin, and kidnapped and murdered Cabinet Minister Pierre Laporte and British diplomat James Cross.  The so-called Felquistes were responsible as well as the deaths of security guards and inflicted injuries on countless innocent men and women, firebombings and vandalism, and holding an entire city hostage.

These sickening bastards are remembered in Quebec as heroes, the way Confederate Generals and leaders are, in the American South.

When the last Trudeau worthy of the name used the War Measures Act to end the bloodshed in English and Nonwhite Montreal, the terrorist cowards and murdering criminals were folded into the separatist provincial political party Partie Quebequois, took up teaching positions at Quebec’s French Universities and Trade Unions, or became venture capitalists – backed by Government of Canada loans.

The last few years, long before that Tangerine Tyrant to the South of the border got into power with Soviet Russian help, right-wing ethnocentric nationalism has been on the rise in Quebec.

It’s a cyclical sickness, an incurable disease that flares up like a particularly pustulent outbreak every few years…race riots in the very streets of Montreal in the 1990s, and the Montreal Police’s long history of the casual murder-by-cop of Blacks, Latinos and Indigenous People spiked, all of this following the backlash of a separatist vote defeat in 1995.

It started up again a few years ago when the racist little town of Hérouxville in Quebec posted notices to immigrants telling them how to behave like “Good Citizens.”

It got worse when a Provincial Committee was formed to examine whether Quebec even SHOULD grant equal rights to ethnic an religious minorities in the Province…in 2007.

Things escalated just five years later when the racist Pauline Marois led the PQ to a minority victory in the Provincial Legislature and pushed through the very racist, very ethnocentric Quebec Charter of Values into Provincial Discourse.

Even though the subsequent government trimmed some of the excess bullshit from that particular piece of secondhand toilet paper, the fact remains that White French Identity Politics have reared their vile heads again, with several years’ worth of acts of terror:

A Quebec Mosque was vandalized and then subsequently attacked in one of Canada’s rare but nonetheless horriffic mass shootings.

Jewish cemeteries are regularly vandalized.

Former Montreal Mayor and English-speaking (And French-speaking) Jew Michael Applebaum was called a cancer on the city by the Societe Saint Jean Baptiste – after being named as the first English-speaking Mayor of the city in decades – I’d provide a link, but even the SSJB are too chickenshit to have a current archive of their past racist declarations…though they still, two mayors later,  bemoan the presence of the English language as an option in the city of Montreal.

The Montreal offices of Vice Magazine were attacked by a gang of White French Ethnocentric Nationalists.

Every year, Quebec Ethnic Nationalists stage a day-wide celebration of White French Identity called “La Fete Nationale.”  You couldn’t pay me to post a link to that celebration of hate.

And, English speaking Quebecers, are policed and held to a higher standard of French than the French themselves…all in the name of subjugating our language – despite Quebec being a bilingual province, and Montreal a significant global metropolitain center, with a diverse, multicultural history.  Both the English-Speaking and numerous cultures, religions and ethnicities have called Montreal home for centuries…but when you can be discriminated against for your language, your race or religion can paint a target on your back.

Don’t believe the bullshit about “Canada the Good.”  Especially when it comes to Quebec.