Inauguration 2017 – a plea to the US military

Ladies and gentlemen of the United States Military,

This letter is addressed to all branches of the Service; Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast and National Guards.  It is addressed to all ranks below Commander in Chief, including the Secretary of Defense; whether you are a high-ranking General or Admiral, or a lowly Recruit.

As part of your Service to the United States of America, you were sworn to an oath to defend her from ALL threats, foreign AND domestic.  It is now time for you all to face the unpleasant reality that your services are, for the first time since your nation’s Civil War, needed…required wholly and almost solely within your own borders.

As Servicemen and Servicewomen, you know that sometimes you have to save people from themselves.  You know that sometimes what is necessary is not what is pleasant…not what is popular, and even, sometimes, not what is conscionable.

However it should, by now, be obvious to each and every last one of you that on November the 8th, a majority of Americans did NOT act in their own best interests, or in the best interests of the Nation, or for that matter, the world.  As you are, along with your brothers and sisters, those charged with defending this Nation, your duty is now a most unpleasant one; a most distasteful, and dangerous one.  The duty you face is unprecedented in American History, and will lead to a dangerous period of national and international instability that by necessity will have to be made as brief as possible, in order to ensure the safety of the lives of everyone in the United States, if not around the world.

To state it plainly, as the men and women of the Military, you are sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same from all enemies foreign and domestic – that oath is now in direct conflict with your sworn obedience to the Orders of the President of the United States – more specifically in this horrible instance, the President-Elect.  It is your oath-bound duty to ensure that Donald Trump is never sworn in as the President of the United States.

Throughout his campaign for High Office, Trump has shown both an ignorance and cavalier disregard for the Constitution and its amendments; promising to gut civil liberties of American Muslims, persecute Latin Americans, and demonstrated complete ignorance and disdain for all People of Color in general, and of the African American Experience, in particular.  He has promised to curtail the right of free speech and a free press in America, intends to allow religious orthodoxy to meddle in the affairs of State by selecting Federal judges from a pool of conservative religious extremists.  Trump has called your brothers and sisters in arms “weak” for suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  He has trivialized the Hell of fighting in a war by comparing his sex life to the Viet Nam conflict.  Donald Trump does not respect the Military.  Donald Trump will not use the Military for America’s interests, but for his own.  You do not owe any allegiance to this man.  Yes, he was democratically elected.  That does not mean he is not a clear and present danger.  The question you must pose yourselves is which is more important: the safety and integrity of the United States of America, or the Democratic Will of a severely misinformed Populace?

No member of the Armed Forces of the United States should endanger their lives for the sake of one man’s hubris.  Donald Trump has demonstrated throughout his personal life, and his deliberate, cowardly avoidance of Military Service in his youth, that he is nothing but a self-serving narcissist.  He will not use America’s military might as a diplomatic tool.  He will not use it as a threat.  He will send Troops into Harm’s Way at any slight, real or imagined, that impedes his personal ambitions.  Do not presume that Donald Trump intends to SERVE America as her President.  He intends to use the Office of the President of the United States for personal gain, for personal power. Donald Trump is a selfish, petty man.  Donald Trump is a demonstrated racist.  Donald Trump is a self-avowed misogynist.  Donald Trump will use the might of the American Armed Forces as his own personal Goon Squad; endangering their lives, and the lives of the very people they are sworn to protect, for his own gratification.

Within less than a year it is conceivable that forces will be deployed into Mexico to punish them for refusing to pay for a Border Wall.  Within less than a year, the United States could find itself in a potential nuclear crisis with China, over the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement.  How can you, as men and women dedicated to protecting this country, possibly uphold an oath to someone who by their very nature is the antithesis of everything that the Oath of Office of the President of the United States is supposed to stand for?

I realize that what I am asking of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces is nothing short of sedition; and I will state things even more plainly: The United States Military must stage a coup d’état. They must overthrow the government elected on November 8th, and hold new, free and internationally monitored elections within a year of said same coup.  A military overthrow of the Government-Elect and keeping President-Elect Donald Trump from the Office that he is dangerously unfit to hold is the only course of action left, to truly protect and preserve the integrity, safety, and future of the United States of America.

I call on the American Military to save America from itself.  This is the most difficult duty you will ever be faced with, but to refuse it would be to break your oaths of service.  I cannot imagine the burden you bear already; I know I am asking you to make that burden worse.  But I cannot see any other way to keep America, to keep the World safe.

God help us all.

Author, Curmudgeon, Geek, Opinionated