Reflections on False Accusations

So earlier this week, I was the victim of a sustained attack, accusing me of misogyny and, of all things, being a racist.

While I admit I’m not overly fond of the French, I’m not a misogynist; if anything, I’m a misanthropist.

I hate EVERYONE, equally.

The thing that annoyed me most, though, were the false reviews left on my books.  It would have bothered me more, but I’ve been in a sales slump, while concentrating on this smashing new piece of storytelling I’ve been chugging at.  The decline in sales started when I stopped putting out.

Insert your own prostitution joke here.

But sheriously

Getting back to my books, let’s break down the lie, shall we? Among my protagonists have been a Native American archeologist, a Palestinian linguist, an Asian biologist and explorer, a Jewish female Colonel – in charge of two major expeditions on behalf of the fucking planet – her African American First Officer, who later goes on to become a Legendary Hero…AND NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS WERE WRITTEN AS ANYTHING OTHER THAN ORDINARY PEOPLE.  Granted, they were ordinary people stuck in one metric fuck-ton of extraordinary circumstances, but other than the Radical Christian Psychopath, there wasn’t a character written as a stereotype.

I learned how to do that from Gene Roddenberry.

One of the themes of Through Darkness and Stars, because although the Download into my brain was a thing, I do have some creative control, was a rape allegory.

Specifically, what happens to Allison McQuire, the series overall protagonist.  First, she is abducted and experimented on by alien “doctors”.  Then, thanks to the misguided actions of Someone With A Cause, is forced against her will to become an Icon of the Movement, when all she wants is to be left alone.

Eventually, what she went through transforms her into a Higher Being…

All of which is based on a personal story of a friend long gone, who was raped, turned into a Campus Icon against her wishes, having her privacy invaded, etc. etc. and how she was essentially forbidden from actually healing from the rape by these…what’s the term I’m looking for…oh yeah: Social Justice Warriors.  Eventually, she literally went Zen and simply accepted that these things happened to her, and learned to rise above it, moving on to bigger and better things.

I will neither confirm nor deny that she died fighting the forces of Darkness.

I mean, these accusations are complete rubbish, based on a nasty little exchange I had with someone who disagreed with me online.

As I’ve said, I’m a misanthropist; I hate everyone, and I like being a jerk; it helps blow off steam, as I can’t find a local underground Fight Club to join.

Now, if these people had trolled me for being an asshole…honestly, I’d have taken it better.  I mean, I still would have reported the false reviews bombed on my books to the proper people…but I wouldn’t have felt so insulted about it.

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