I will not be renewing my Amazon KDP Select

Kspace logoFor those following along, I decided to run an experiment to see if being in KDP Select (And Amazon exclusivity) would affect my sales.

Short answer: it has.

Long answer: I AM HEMORRHAGING SALES.The nifty thing is that I did a free promo for the first chapterbook in the Aeons War miniseries, and while over 400 people downloaded it for free, I have literally sold all of 4 books, besides – November and December add up to my worst months this year, Amazon sales-wise, and no, AMAZON WILL NOT PAY YOU FOR FREE COPIES.

They’ll “price match” free copies of your ebook if another retailer is offering your book for free – but HOW THE FUCK CAN ANOTHER RETAILER OFFER YOUR BOOK FOR FREE WHEN YOU SIGNED ON TO BE KDP EXCLUSIVE?

KDP exclusivity has turned out to be a sucker’s bet.  I’ve got two more countdown deals running in December to see if I can drum up sales.  But otherwise, once my enrollment period ends on February 20th, I will be selling ALL my books from ALL retailers, again.

Amazon is the biggest name in the game, and they’re turning into the Wal-Mart of eBook sales: screwing authors over in the name of higher profits.