Why I just can’t deal with Third-Wave Feminism

Photo0001I’m not misogynist.  I believe in equality and mutual respect between the sexes.  I support the LGBTQ communities, even when I get “straight-shamed” for getting the acronym wrong…but there are some things, some attitudes that I simply can no longer accept, nor willingly attempt to understand.

For instance: When did it become an Atrocity of the Highest Order for a man to just offer an opinion, or even a SUGGESTION to a 3rd Wave Feminist? It’s like, I have a penis, so I am not allowed to correct, contradict, oppose the opinion of, or even have a differing point of view than a woman.

And then once I say something, with no intention other than to share what I know, suddenly I’m attacked with hostile condescension & belittling arrogance. Then the gang-bang of Man-shaming on Twitter begins, and four or five more people start lambasting, judging, insulting and attacking.

Then misandrist terms like “mansplaining” are lobbed – as if a man simply cannot make a statement or offer any information without it being perceived as him deliberately attacking a woman.  And when I lose my shit and refuse to tolerate such abuse, suddenly, I’m the villain; an unenlightened monster of a dark age.

So yes, I say FUCK FEMINISM. It used to be about personal, professional & sexual empowerment & equality. I stress USED to be, because it seems all these sanctimonious, know-it-all Millennials are coming out of their Gender Studies workshop with a preprogrammed notion that All Men Are BAD.  Now Feminism is about putting men in their place.

Retaliatory misandry against people whose only crime against the “Gynocentry” is having a penis and a will of their own is sexist, discriminatory, ignorant and wrong. So no…when confronted and accused of something I did not do, I refuse to be cowed, bullied, shamed or intimidated. And I will lash out…I will use every vulgarity, every “Male Cliche Sexist Remark” and every insult I can imagine just to turn it around and strike back against those bullying me.

You have been warned. If you believe in Male Privilege, if you believe that men have no right to complain, even those of us struggling just to keep our heads above water in this deplorable economy, stay the fuck away from me.

And don’t act like what you don’t want to be called; be it a bitch, or a cunt.  And don’t act shocked…because you goddamn know you do.

See, I’m not offended by insults. I’m offended by the idea that Third Wave Feminists think they are entitled – that they are on some sort of MISSION FROM GODDESS – to put all men in their place.

Feminism was founded to fight for equality, you arrogant bitches. It’s about treating others the way you want to be treated, or face being treated as you treat me. Gender equality means mutual respect. So, when I am shown no respect, I show no respect in return. I meet hostility with hostility.  And, yes, you’d better believe I escalate.

I am relentless, unforgiving, & practice scorched-earth diplomacy, because no matter where they come from that’s all any bullies and bigots understand.  You think what I say is vile or vulgar? Guess what? That’s how I see the attitudes that these overindulged little 3WFs display and exert on anyone with a penis that “offends” them.

Oh…and most importantly, SMILE.