I bear the chains I forged In life

I was a cruel and selfish being.  Almost always wrongly blaming others, rather than damn myself.

But for a very, very small few, who had crept into my childhood, none of those whom I have rebuked or damned for my own sins deserve such condemnation.

I damn myself, and those lone, opportunistic voices, all of whom I have cast back to Hell, who corrupted me.

No one else who has Known me, least of all my children and their mother, deserve what sickening monster I was.

I can never atone…never be granted pardon…but I can keep my children from following my dark path.

To everyone else, In my own sick, selfish and twisted way, I tried to love you, to care about you the best I could.

But I was – and likely still am – too corrupted by the poisons inflicted on me.

I only hope I didn’t leave you in misery…and that you remember me more kindly than I remember myself.