Evolution of the Craft

Having just finished the long, sometimes difficult process of writing the Beta copy of They Came in Peace, and taken enough of a break…

(Played my way through Arkham Knight for the second time and am convinced that the Bat-Demon in the final cutscene is the Joker resurrected in Bruce [Listen to the scream – clearly Mark Hamill’s Joker voice] to relax), and then hunting down and recruiting my ace team of turd-polishing Beta Readers for They Came in Peace, I finally turned my attention back to The Omniverse series, to get to work on Volumes Four and Five (To be released back to back).

This process started with me going back to re-read the first three volumes, The Unearthing, Through Darkness and Stars, and The Chronicles of the Aeons War.

Okay, that’s enough shameless product placement…for now…

Anyway, as I was reading through The Unearthing, looking for any errant Checkhov’s Guns that I may have left laying around,  and as I got through that book and started Through Darkness and Stars, looking for more of the same, I realized something quite significant.

The Unearthing, written some twenty-odd years ago, is very clearly an early work; I made mistakes that make me flinch just thinking about, today…turns of phrase that I’ve outgrown…styles of writing that have evolved into things that define me as an author…stupid, amateurish tropes that I used as if by rote…

I can’t help but compare The Unearthing, the book I wrote then, to They Came in Peace, the book I wrote now.  I can see patterns of familiarity in both texts…but…so many differences, that have so clearly grown out of both the things I did right and the things I did wrong while writing The Unearthing.

I understand now, as I could not have possibly understood then, the amount of experience…both in writing and life…that only time could bring.  As much as I intend to eventually turd-polish the whole of The Omniverse series into something better, and as good as I know the writing of Volumes Four and Five (The concluding volumes) will be, this latest, standalone of mine, They Came in Peace, is a different creature; it’s…it marks a turning point in my writing, as a whole.

I’m not trying to say what I wrote is better, inasmuch as it is different…a new chapter, if you will, in my experience as an author.