Direct Denial of Service: Ordre des Psychologues du Quebec

As some of you may know, I was assaulted on a subway platform, back in February.

Since then, I suffered an episode of high anxiety at work, lost my job, was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, before hearing back from Quebec’s crime victim’s assistance service, CAVAC.  This being Quebec, there were forms to fill out to apply for help that I clearly needed.

Finally this week I was directed by someone from their compensation arm, IVAC, that I could get up to five free sessions with the psychologist of my choice, so long as they worked with IVAC.  All I had to do was go online to the Quebec Order of Psychologist’s website.

Except, the site is French-only.

Now, yes, I am bilingual; I speak French and English, I can read and write in both languages (Other than my confusion over the genderization of objects; in French, for example, “vagina” is a masculine noun.)  Let that sink in a moment, and we’ll continue.

The trouble is, when filling out the form, I can’t describe my symptoms in English because the site doesn’t recognize or accept the language input.  It’s far easier for me to express myself in my native language; as separatist icon Lucien Bouchard once said, “You don’t need a language test to have a blood test.”  Of course, racist bastarding pig that he was, he said it in defence of “French Quebec” (bien sur) against an English hospital during a staged attack on English-Language healthcare in Quebec; he went to the ER of a downtown Montreal English-language hospital for “Flu-like symptoms” and was greeted in English…what a fucking outrage; for every English-language hospital in Montreal there are three to five that are French-speaking; he could have as easily gone to any of them.

I’m not exactly sure how I’m supposed to look for help, when the site requires I express myself in French, and offers no apparent access to English speakers.  Likewise, the “contact” link on the Orde des Psychologues du Quebec leads to a list of their board of directors.  So, I can’t even find out how to get access to services in my language.

There are times I cannot help but feel utter hate for this Province, it’s Francosupremacist, legislated bigotry against the English-speaking minority of the Province, and essentially denying them service in English.

Fuck Quebec…seriously.