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Why KDP Select is Bad

Among my o424863_10150565031583912_2046016596_nf-late all too infrequent posts, I have been giving loose updates about experimenting with Amazon’s KDP Select initiative.

According to Amazon’s too-good-to-be-true KDP Select promotional page, authors enrolled in the programme can “Earn higher royalties, Maximize your book’s sales potential”, and “Reach a new audience,”all in exchange for making your enrolled titles AMAZON KINDLE EXCLUSIVE for an “enrollment period” of 3 months, which renews automatically unless you go through the steps to make sure that the book is only re-enrolled at your behest.  But that, like much of KDP Select, only becomes evident after you enroll.

Even going through their broad, devoid-of-details 3 Question Long FAQ’s at the bottom of the page, it becomes obvious that while Amazon are touting the supposed benefits of KDP Select, they most certainly aren’t giving you any real information:


Apparently, the least-asked question is, “How well does it pay?”

 Clicking on the “For more FAQs” link leads to a page that just re-hashes everything in the image above, only in more elaborate detail and just enough doublespeak to obfuscate the fact that they ain’t giving you all the fucking facts

However, having read many a blog article by many a successful author, I decided to have another go at KDP Select – after an early gamble years ago when I first published online.

I decided, as Kindle exclusivity would shut me out of 1/3 of the eBook market, not to cut my nose of to spite my face and make all my titles part of the KDP Select stable for a full quarter-year.  That made the chapter books from Chronicles of the Aeons War the ideal test subject for the KDP Select Experiment.

What’s On My Mind?

Photo0001What’s on my mind?

The successes of the past…the tremendous failures that brought them crashing down…old friends long gone…only one true friend left…even then, the people in my life nothing more than sounds on a phone or children I see twice a week if I’m lucky.

What’s on my mind? A life that hasn’t turned out to be anything but heartache and disappointment…dreams turned to dust after fighting for them…holding on to them for so long…the loss of inspiration, motivation to write…the loss of an extended family I was once part of, the loss of love and respect…

What’s on my mind? An apartment that’s become a prison…an employment situation that leaves me begging for scraps and slave wages…a life of solitude both personal, emotional and physical…

What’s on my mind? My 43rd Christmas approaching, and I can’t even give my children presents this year, because of financial difficulty. I’ll not do more than get to spend part of the day with them, before they go off to celebrate with an extended family from which I have been completely shut out…

What’s on my mind? How one bad decision 3 years ago destroyed my life…how there is no redemption for me…how there is no one trying to help me find my way out of this…resentment at all those who have the help of friends and family who can and do care enough to help them from their struggles…

What’s on my mind? The friends I stood by throughout child custody battles over their “alternative” lifestyles…the people I loved and supported through sickness and crises who could not do the same for me…the people who judged and condemned me for things far worse than I actually did…

What’s on my mind? Another year in this sentence of exile from everything I spent the better part of a decade and a half building for myself.

What’s on my mind? Contemplation of just how little energy I have to continue. I am beaten. I am broken. I am sad, old and alone.

What’s on my mind? The ever-growing Abyss, that I see waiting patiently for me, knowing that every step I take, every second that passes, brings me inevitably closer to it.

What’s on my mind? Whether or not to continue trying to prolong my encounter with the Abyss, or surrendering to it and its promise of oblivion eternal.

New Experiment…

Kspace logoSince recently decided to keep me on a short leash about pricing, I’ve decided to run another experiment.  A lot of authors are pressured into KDP exclusivity – meaning, as I pointed out last time around that authors are “locked in” with Amazon for certain titles, and receive dubious benefits for it.

I’ve decided to see if I can make that shit work for me, but without cutting my own balls off. Continue reading New Experiment…

Amazon: Bigger Bullies Than I Thought

424863_10150565031583912_2046016596_nIt’s no shock to anyone involved in eBooks – buying, selling or writing them – that owns the lion’s share of the business.

Not content with market dominance, however, it does seem like they are doing their utmost to crush their competition by any means necessary. Continue reading Amazon: Bigger Bullies Than I Thought